Create your own Islands

How to Start

Create your own Island and start building

To start your own and new Island you can use the compass in your inventory and click on the Skyblock – AcidIsland – CaveBlock or SkyGrid [under maintenance] icons and a new island will be created for you. You can have multiple Islands and extend every Overworld game mode also in a new Nether-world or The-END-world.


Start building your Island as you like and try to earn some cash by selling ores from mining or place level-blocks (Emerald-Diamond-Gold-Iron etc.) to level up your Island Levels and try to reach the Top 10 Islands or even try to win the season to earn great rewards!

You can play as solo player but it is also possible to team up with friends and build together on new challenges and adventures!  How many team players is depending the rank off the Island owner, so keep this in mind when you need to decide which Player’s Island fits best to continue your team adventure!


Player Rank
team up to 2 players

Falcon Rank
team up to 4 players

Elite Rank
team up to 6 players

VIP Rank
team up to 8 players

ParaGon Rank
team up to 10 players

X-TerNal Rank
team up to 15 players

Ready to start a new adventure?

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