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To play on Devella's Network you need 1.13.2 !

Because we run the latest BSkyBlock versions (also known as SkyBlock II) on our High Performance Minecraft Servers, its important you download the Minecraft 1.13.2 version in your launcher before you can access Devella’s servers! Older versions [1.8-1.12] like other servers are not supported in BSkyBlock because of its completely new scritpings and setup…


Although most servers keep stock into the past, and are not able to run the improved new BSkyBlock versions, we decided to switch to BSkyBlock for better scripting with less server lag and more new features which Minecraft 1.13.2 (and 1.14 soon too) provides us.

As soon as there comes a stable 1.14 version, we will switch to the latest MC version as well of course.



Minecraft 1.13 – 1.13.2


March 2019

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