Try to get IS-TOP no. 1

Work on ISLAND Level

Try to get IS -TOP no.1 & win the Season !

The Island owner and his/her team will get exclusive rewards at the end of a season when they reach the best 3 Islands on the BSkyblock Server. Levels of other island(s) in the other worlds, will not be counted, but the money you have earned on other Islands/worlds can be used to invest in the BSkyBlock Island level etc.


As solo player or as a team, there will be rewards for everyone for the 3 highest Island levels. The Island owners will win exclusive Tags together with his/her team members, receive a special reset kit to kick-start the new season islands, and the Island Owners will be rewarded with tokens which can be used to buy Epic Features from our webshop.

The no.1 Winner will also receive a exclusive island setup with the recognition that WinnerS deserve! You will be surprised & overwhelmed at the same time xD!


Exclusive Tags
for every owner and his/her team

Reset Kits
to kick-start new Islands

no. 1 Island owner = 50.000 tokens

no. 2 Island owner = 25.000 tokens

no. 3 Island owner = 10.000 tokens

May 2019

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