X-Ternal Rank

  75% Launch SALE !!   $79.95

Stand out from the crowd by joning our most import donator group and receive all the recognition you can imagine! Our X-Ternal donator rank, is a Tier6 full access rank Rank with all the bundles, perks and Kits available, a special and very exclusive XterNal kit and always more new features and extra bonuses will be added first for our main donators on all our SkyBlock servers. So all latest developments, new plugins etc will first be launched for the X-Ternals !


  • /compass: Find your compass location
  • /workbench: Open a virtual workbench
  • /enderchest: Open a virtual enderchest
  • /tptoggle: Toggle teleportation requests off
  • /recipe: View the recipe of an item


  • Falcon Rank and Tab Color
  • Bulk Buy: buy in bulk from /shop
  • Server Shop: Access the Server shop with unique items
  • Join full server: Join any game mode while it is full
  • 2x Experience: Earn more XP when mining or killing Mobs
  • Keep INV: Keep your inventory on Deaths
  • Keep XP: Keep your XP on deaths

price: 320.00


  • Team: up to 4 members on your Island Team
  • Kits: Receive access to the /Dtools Kit
  • Homes: Create your own personal home
  • Player Shops: Create up to 10 player shops [coming soon]
  • Player Warps: Create your own player warp
  • On-Time Bonus: Receive a one-time bonus of $ 1.000.000