V.I.P. Rank

  75% Launch SALE !!   $20.00

Stand out from the crowd with these extra abilities and receive extra recognition! Our VIP donator rank, is the first serious Rank for PRO-Gamers and bundles even more of the following new features and extra bonuses on all our SkyBlock servers.


  • /compass: Find your compass location
  • /workbench: Open a virtual workbench
  • /enderchest: Open a virtual enderchest
  • /tptoggle: Toggle teleportation requests off
  • /recipe: View the recipe of an item


  • Falcon Rank and Tab Color
  • Bulk Buy: buy in bulk from /shop
  • Server Shop: Access the Server shop with unique items
  • Join full server: Join any game mode while it is full
  • 2x Experience: Earn more XP when mining or killing Mobs
  • Keep INV: Keep your inventory on Deaths
  • Keep XP: Keep your XP on deaths

price: 80.00


  • Team: up to 4 members on your Island Team
  • Kits: Receive access to the /Dtools Kit
  • Homes: Create your own personal home
  • Player Shops: Create up to 10 player shops [coming soon]
  • Player Warps: Create your own player warp
  • On-Time Bonus: Receive a one-time bonus of $25.000