Donator Ranks on Devella Minecraft Server are Global

Devella MC has the following Donators Ranks available for all Players; Newbies up to PRO players. Consisting 7 different Tiers for ultimate access to all our SkyBlock Minecraft Servers!;

<———————- DONATOR-RANKS ————————>

  • [tier0] DEFAULT: all new player(s) starts as default players, after 1 hour playtime they promote automatic to next tier.’
  • [tier1] PLAYER: all basic permissions to start your island are available, but it can be hard to startup, keep motivated!
  • [tier2] FALCON is the first real donator rank with extra permissions for easier building and some extra commands…
  • [tier3] ELITE: more permissions with easier buildings & sellings available, some more commands and access to FREE ELITE-kits.
  • [tier4] V.I.P.: first real tier with full building- & selling permissions, access to FREE VIP-kits to start hunt for no.1 TOP Island & BAL top.
  • [tier5] PARAGON: like tier4 with full commands and unlocked premium cosmetics & gadgets and FREE Epic PARAGON Kits and access to lower tier Kits as well !
  • [tier6] X-TERNAL: the highest tier for Pro-Players with full buildings- sellings- cometics- gadgets permissions, exclusive commands, access to the very exclusive XTERNAL-KIT and many more OP features & futher access to all other Kits too, of course!